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Congratulations on discovering Modern Afflatus! 

The internet can be a pretty noisy and crowded place, eh? I get it - it's not always easy to find the information you need. 

That's why I'm dedicated to curating and filtering the internet to save you the stress and frustration when you want to take that next step. I collect and share with you the tools and inspiration to do what matters in your life. 

My name is Ash and thanks to support from people like you I'm able to help students and young professionals learn about the topics that school left out: how to give presentations, hacks to travel on the cheap and how to start their own business to name just a few. 

Why do I do it? When I was in university I sometimes struggled, but it was the inspiring stories, life lessons and music I found that got me through. Eventually I realised my friends were going through the same issues. Their classes didn't teach them everything they needed for real life so I would pass on these collections or 'starter packs' to help with whatever challenges they were experiencing. 

Now I curate those same inspiring treasures on the internet: 

160+ issues of a 5 bullet point newsletter summarising my favourite finds 
44+ informative starter packs and collections 
30+ Spotify playlists for getting things done, whatever mood you're in

AND new for 2019: A £300 Giveaway to fund your own challenges! 

Every bit of your support goes right back into building the Modern Afflatus community and empowering people with the insight and skills to do what matters, make connections, and live their life on their own terms. 

Thank you for stopping by and investing in positive change! 
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