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About German Villegas

I'm very excited to introduce the Partreon page for people who would like to invest in The Modern Manhood Podcast, and hopefully start a community surrounding healthy masculinity. That's always been a bigger goal of mine, to have a community of like minded males. I have been very fortunate to make the podcast, and to have the following that it has. I have also noticed that a lot of people want more information, and to work on specific goals they have in mind to better themselves.

I'm excited to introduce I'm partnering with Next Gen Men and Men Edmonton to bring Wolf Pack to Edmonton! If you don't know about Wolf Pack, you can take a look at it here:

I have worked with youth and males in a human service capacity for 5 years plus. It was one of my passions to help out males of all kinds in their quest for their own perfect manhood, and to be a better ally to the many marginalized population in Edmonton and beyond. This podcast I felt was one way to reach out and help. Working with Next Gen Men and with the people in Edmonton helps me do that in a larger and better way. This Patreon page hopefully will help with that.

One dollar and Two Dollars helps me with podcast hosting fees as well as getting some swag!
Ten dollars? Well that gets you a Modern Manhood t-shirt, as well as helps us with other fees associated with running a monthly event (like AV, space rentals, food and drinks, etc)

This is a CHANGE from what the Patreon was before, and I will tell everyone about it through email.

I hope these changes are great for you and I hope we can grow together.

$10 of $300 per month
Create Wolf Pack for the summer. This will cover space rentals.
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