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About Modi Operandus

Hello! My Name is Modi Operandus and I create gameplay videos!
I began posting gaming videos to Youtube back in 2013. My goal from the start was to create the kinds of videos I would like to watch: something authentic and entertaining. I knew early on that I wanted to cover indie games that not many might know about and also promote a positive mental attitude.

Since then I've covered hundreds of games, been connected with thousands of viewers and have been loving the ride. But we are not stopping there. I really would love to be able to do this full time. However I also have a wife and kids that depend on me for support and Youtube as a platform can be a pretty risky venture. Policy changes at Youtube and ad revenue can destroy channels, and it would be very difficult to rely on Youtube or even Twitch as the sole source to support my family.

Why Patreon?
Your views, your likes, your tweets, your subscriptions, your comments -- they all help the promote the channel and it keep going and they are so greatly appreciated! Patreon allows for a new way to help support the channel with a direct contribution. All money collected here goes to help make my dream a reality and can help provide the stability my family needs so I can keep pursuing this dream and making even better content.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you'll consider donating to help a small channel grow.

Now comes the fun part. There are a variety of tiers and rewards on offer so I just wanted to explain in more detail what you're seeing on the pledge page. 

Here are some of the possible rewards:
Discord roles:
I have a Discord server for fans to get together and chit chat. Patrons bear a  special role and name color in chat depending on their tier level

Credits: Patrons get listed in the credits of my videos, and get special thanks depending on the tier. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can ask to not be listed in the credits. Otherwise I will add names to the end slate of my videos each month.

Bonus Content:  All Patrons get access to the Patreon news feed. At the $2 tier, Patrons get access to special behind the scenes videos and content. 

Suggest a Game: The plan for now is for this to be part of the Patron appreciation stream. People at the level for it, can suggest a game to be played and if its something that I have acquired or could acquire, then I'll play that for the event! If there are multiple suggestions we can find a fair way to satisfy that.

Keep in mind, this is completely open to change. I tried to make fun ideas for rewards but if there is something you think is not working (or something you'd like to see added), I am totally open to feedback!

THANK YOU for supporting what I do in whatever way you can.
$21 of $40 per month
Monthly Patron Appreciation Stream: In addition to my usual Twitch Streams, I will add a special Patron sponsored stream. (Stream will also be re-posted to Youtube)
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