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HI, I'm Dave Gauthier, AKA Dave Gee, and I'm just an average guy doing what i like. I vape, and as such, learning the ins and outs of vaping watched many a youtube video. Being a A/V nerd (i love movies, every aspect, not just watching them) I delved into content creation as a way to learn this art i love. What better way to bring in another passion by doing vape reviews. THEN.... I bought a drone, and proceeded to spend every waking hour learning everything i could about building repairing, creating, flying... oh god there is so much. 
Youtube and you, the subscribers, has enabled me to follow several passions and the full "monty", is getting YOU to follow yours. If i can inspire you or anyone to take the leap into something fun and interesting they have wanted to do, then WE have done the world a service. 
Continue to support me, and i hope to continue to support you. I am going to strive for 2 Feature rich videos per month. Extra stuff in between. If you want more, you let me know. 

Thanks so verry much. 

David Gauthier
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When i get to 150 patrons, I will set up a live broadcast with all of us and we will build a RTF racing Quadcopter and give it away to 1 lucky Patron!! "I'd Buy that for a DOLLAR!"
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