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About Val E Ryon

*sigh* alright, let's do this...

Hey, I am Val, member of the Z Team, supreme administrator of and and for some odd reason worshipped as a deity by users of our discord channel...
Join me, and together we shall rule... something!

Technically I am a modder too.
However, kinda short on time, so I only will make some stuff here and there and most likely not even share it with you guys.
If I happen to release something it'll be free for everyone, at any time anyway.
Most likely they'll be made almost entirely by Komodo too, so to be quite honest you'd be better off giving him your money instead.
No exclusive stuff here, no favors and no special treatment... so by extension no real reason to pledge to me at all.

However, every idiot without talent has a patreon account demanding your hard earned (or parents/state given) cash, seems to be lucrative so I'll give it a shot too.
Gimme your money. Maybe I'll make mods, maybe I won't. You never know.
They're *just cosmetic*, they don't *really* matter. It's fine!

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