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Hi, I'm Margaret, and thank you so much for visiting this page!

I create educational videos about modern veganism (with accompanying blog posts). If you're a modern vegan looking for a positive vision of the future of veganism, you've come to the right place! ModVegan is about animal rights, sustainability, and the future of technology.

Producing quality content on a regular basis requires real work and dedication. I have chosen to step away from full-time content creation in order to pursue other opportunities, but I will continue to leave the Patreon page open so former members can access the content that they helped me create! Since my work is educational, having a Patreon was crucial to allowing me to make  provide my viewers with quality content my first priority. Thank you to all my former patrons for helping me to keep ModVegan going for so long.

Going vegan is the most powerful, simple way to vote three times a day for a kinder future. Your support has meant more to me than words can ever say. 

Thanks you so much for being part of ModVegan!

Warm regards, 
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This amount would be a major milestone for my channel! I currently earn about $30 per month from adsense, which is enough to pay my web hosting costs. With $100 per month, I can begin to invest in the channel and promote it to a wider audience. I might even be able to save up and buy some lights! Or a backdrop! I would love to be able to continue to devote all my energy to the ModVegan YouTube channel and blog, and achieving this level of support gives me a sign that this is possible! Thank you so much!
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