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per completed painting and for you being awesome
Wow! $1.00----Thank you so much! This will give you a copy of hi-res prints that you like to download. I will sign it and hug it before it I put it in the internet mail with love.




per completed painting and for you being awesome

About Moe Murdock

Howdy! Thanks for coming by!
Moe Murdock here and I would like to welcome you to my Patreon page.
I am an artist (traditional, pen and pencils) and digital painter and all around creative entity who is here to make fun and bold work [Sometimes with a hint of nostalgia to it and ninjas] 

What is
Patreon is a sponsor site that allows folks and fans to contribute a small fee for support. (in small incremental amounts per finished piece). 

How much is it? 
By clicking on the “Become a Patron” button and following a few steps you can donate a modest fee of your choosing every time I complete a piece of work. Usually will complete 1 to 2 paintings a month. If you like what you see then you can donate $1.00 per painting (per finished piece). Which means that on an average month you could donate between $1.00 and $2.00 per finished piece.

You don’t have to pay anything at all if you don't want to. I will still post stuff for free because I would be creating and posting work wether this site existed or not. However this is just a new way to reach and connect with a new folks (instead of Facebook and other places that are full of shiny distracting things). Also, you can also set a cap so that you will never be charged more than you want per piece. 
You will not be charged if I don’t post anything or if you don’t like the direction that I am going work wise. It's all up to you (you can cancel at anytime)!

What will I do with the money? 
I will use the support to fund my own education through taking online classes to get better at my work.
I will also use the money to pay for tables at comic conventions, and other events. 
Lastly, I will also use the support to purchase additional resources such as books about anatomy or painting or technique guides that will also help me to create better work for you to enjoy.

So what will you get? 
For your donation you will get an all access pass to download my digitally signed work.
I plan on only starting with a basic support tier for access. If you like what you see I can provide you with download links to have my work come right to your computer.

Other possible prizes in the future can include: 
Secret work posted for you to access as well (of art not available to your average user)
Requests for work.
*These are just a few ideas to start and more can/will come as time goes by.

So thanks so much again for your support! I am excited about trying this new route and connecting with even more people who might like what I am putting out.

Come back soon....
$0 of $100 per completed painting and for you being awesome
Wow! This will allow me to learn how to tell better stories and compositions and paintings via taking online classes.
(I promise that I won't use the money for beer.)
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