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What comes around, goes around. I don't have a ROI metric in which I can support what I say, but I was once working for someone and was good at it, I could have been whatever others wanted me to be, and be good at it. Now I work for myself, doing what I love, like, passionate about, it is not just what you do good for others. So this is a KickOff to create, and you are part of it :)




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The content that I upload has something peculiar, consciousness content. Either if you are not a "spiritual" related person, you will get to see creativity, free will and fun (some of the characteristics of a Sanyasin ;) watch out for that.

This content is about to get worldwide since not all people gets spanish, so this will have to evolve, as everything in this existence. So wait for newer and greater content hopping that you could help me get to different people from all over the world. 
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This project started a year ago, with an old point&shoot camera, and just some crazy ideas to win a trip to Europe. Since then it has become my passion, hubby, job, life. I quit my office job and continued filming and learning since I'm no film maker, but I'm as stubborn as it can be and passionate. This is today's goal, tomorrow? I don't know, but a documentary is on it's way, and it will happen.
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