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Hey, I'm Thursday -- mokuyoubi on ao3 and moku-youbi on tumblr. I'm currently writing in the Hannibal fandom. At this point in time, I'm setting this up as a sort of tip jar for already posted works. In the future, I may turn it into a drabbles for donations thing, but right now I'm still figuring all of this out!
$15 of $500 per writing
As a writer, my laptop is pretty much indispensable. Recently, I've been having a lot of trouble with my current laptop. Even though it's less than a year old, and has a large hard drive/RAM and a nice processor, it's been nothing but a headache. Every time I boot up, either from being turned off, hibernate, or stand-by, there's a very good chance (I'd estimate a 3 out of 4) that it will be an endless cycle of hanging during the boot process until eventually I have to refresh. Every time I refresh I lose every programme and app I've downloaded, so after over 2 hours of fighting to get the computer to boot and refresh, I then have to download and install chrome and open office to even be able to start writing. Leaving the computer on is a short term fix, but it can still hang or restart randomly, requiring a reboot (and likely refresh) or it will start slowly down after 2-3 days left on, and need restarted.

I'm guessing the problem is something to do with the hard drive, but it would cost almost as much to get a new hard drive and get it fixed, as it would to buy an entirely new laptop. This goal is flexible. Depending on sales and how much I receive in tips, I might be able to get a suitable laptop for as little as $300! Having a new laptop will definitely make writing go more smoothly and quickly for me, meaning I can update more frequently!
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