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I have been lucky to have such kind readers on various sites over the years, and I have always made a point to reply to each and every review/comment I have ever received. So, thank you. Sincerely. From the bottom of my heart. Know that you are appreciated, and that you and you alone are responsible for my motivation some days (a lot of days). Thank you. (You will receive a brief but personal thank you note here on Patreon from me.)




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About Molly Steen

Hello, friends!

I have been part of the amazing world of fanfiction for a long time -- as an avid reader for the majority of my life, and as a creator of content for the past five years or so. The beauty of fanfiction is that we are all somehow brought together in a seemingly random fashion to celebrate the aspects of media and literature that we love, to explore universes we adore, and to deservedly right the wrongs done to our beloved characters.

The caveat to this spiel on my eternal love for the art of fanfiction is this: I am moving further, and further, and further away from fanfiction. It's nice, actually, because some of the original things in my head are being given real form and breath and soul -- and because fanfiction is the type of home you can always return to from time to time.

This page is not a place for me to create exclusive content only intended for those willing to give me spare change or better for my work. Most of the things I will be sharing here are also being shared elsewhere:
My creations on this page will include original pieces (both short stories and chapters of novels as they are written), some fanfiction (most likely micro fictions compiled into larger creations), podcast readings of my work, and occasional special free form podcasts associated with released creations detailing my "inspiration" and approach to bringing my original spark of an idea to life (these will be limited to certain patron levels, please see below).

  • Posting schedule: likely sporadic, though I will be aiming to post 1-2 creations per month!

What this page represents is an opportunity for me to ask. Yes. This is me asking: I have been creating art, I am currently creating art, and I will continue to create art. Now I'm just cracking open the door to you, my amazing and wonderfully kind readers, and asking you to come just a little bit closer.

Most importantly: what am I asking for by creating this page? I'm asking for us to be in this together. And I'm asking for, just maybe, a tiny bit of financial support to make it easier to keep on creating art in the free time I manage to scrounge up. That's all. I hope that's not overly complicated.

If you've even taken the time to read this, please know: I truly appreciate you.

Always have, always will.

With love,
Molly Katheryn
$5 of $25 per each work shared.
I will write in real time for a live audience: you, my wonderful patrons! At least 1000 words or 1 hour of writing. Who knows what you will see?!
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