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The Coffee Date Membership allows a mom to support Momalot for the price of a cup of coffee each month. It's like our own virtual coffee date and we are so grateful!

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It takes a village to raise a mom.

None of us are born knowing what to do in this journey of Motherhood - but we all learn as we go along. We are so strong when we share what we learn with others, and when they share with us. This is the purpose of Momalot. Moms supporting moms.

You can learn more about Momalot through the About Page. If you're already familiar with our mission you know it's already growing by leaps and bounds but we need your support to keep it going. 

You can help support the vision of Momalot for as low as $3/month. That's less than a cup of coffee with a mom friend and you get so much more.

You personally will get different perks based on what membership you choose. 

Your support does so many things! It helps in these areas:
- website - hosting, building, maintaining, plugins, updates, optimization
- content - creation, posting, images
- interviews - with special guests 
- podcast - audio interviews as well as content just for moms
- community - this is a project that will be launching very soon

This is so little compared to the future vision of Momalot. Check out the GOALS section to see our plans for the future. 

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