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Peach Mango Pie
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High-res photos of all my drawings! No questions asked : ) You also get to vote in the polls and decide what I draw next.
Chicken Drumstick
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All of the above, PLUS process GIFs and behind-the-scene sketches of every artwork.
Bucket Meal
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All of the above, PLUS I regularly send you a postcard featuring the artwork of the month! Noice! 




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About momatoes

Hi! I'm momatoes. I am currently a graphic designer and technical writer at a financial institution, but my true passion has always been illustration. With Patreon, I can create more and more art and share it with you. 

Why pledge?

Every month, I will publish doodles and artworks for free in this page! However, patrons get access to full-resolution sizes as well as neat perks such as GIFs, sketches, and even postcards. NOICE.

If you also just think that my art is neat and would like to give me a tip in appreciation, then a pledge is just the right thing to do!

Need more info? Visit my website at for more samples of my artwork and portfolio!

$30 of $80 per artwork
A month's worth of lunches
Thank you so much. In response, I will release a short video of me eating Jollibee chickenjoy for lunch.
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