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About MOMentum Radio

MOMentum Radio is the podcast where you get to hear moms share their stories of how they are making waves of MOMentum in the world. This podcast is for you no matter what stage of motherhood you are in, whether you are in the thick of the baby/toddler years or struggling with your teenagers, we are here to share stories of motherhood and help all moms gain MOMentum in their life.

The MOMentum Radio Podcast was birthed out of my dream of having a platform for moms to share their stories. A place where we could hear stories from moms so we do not feel so alone. The reality is, we are a disconnected world. Yes, we have every ability to be connected, but soul deep true connections are rare nowadays. I believe a large missing component is the lack of storytelling and sharing in our society. So I am reclaiming the story. I am calling it back in.  I believe our stories have immense power and that they can help touch others lives. I know our stories are all woven together and that together we are stronger. We need each other mamas, we need each other to gain momentum.

So as the host, I am here asking you, future Patreons to help us keep this Podcast going, week after week.  Each month by supporting us we will be able to share at least 4 Mama's stories + employ 1 mama editor.  If we can raise more money, we will be able to bring on a social media manager to help amplify these mamas voices even further.  Donating even $1 to help us out means the world to us!  Thank you for believing in our mission to share mamas stories!
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