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Mommie Anarchist and her team believe that individual freedom requires not being held at the mercy of others. From budgeting strategies to fixing your own refrigerator, in Life Hacks and DIY, be prepared to realize just how capable YOU are!
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If Eleanor Roosevelt and Malcolm X had a baby, she’d be known as Mommie Anarchist. Do you have a specific situation you’d like us to address? 

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Hit us with your most challenging personal dilemmas, but brace yourself for our response. We’ll always do our best to inspire enough critical thinking to blow your mind...

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The Village
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The Village might NOT appeal to you if:

1) You’re perfect. Sorry, we aspire to be like you someday, but we’ll probably be in training until we die. 

2) You don’t like humor. We exchanged our egos, judgment, and most of our sanity for children. All we can do now is laugh about it. 

3) You’re not a critical thinker. We like to dive head first into hot topics; thinking outside of the box, challenging the safety net of status quo mentalities, and having a firm enough grasp on reality to understand that your isn’t the only way is mandatory here. We’re so glad you found what works for you, but we’re in search of common ground. 

4) You’re hurt by words. We don’t sugarcoat or censor ourselves to spare anyone’s feelings. We’re not politically correct and sometimes we use swear words. We ask that you focus on the bigger picture our words are to communicate, even if they’re not a part of your personal vocabulary. 




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About Mommie Anarchist

The term anarchy is often misunderstood to be a state of social disorder.

In reality, anarchy is simply the belief in absolute freedom of the individual.

Mommie Anarchist and her amazing team of contributors are established bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and social media whizzes. Some of us have been creating villages on virtual platforms for nearly a decade, but now it’s time to hit pause. There’s an elephant in the room that we must address. 

Social media was meant to provide a more affective form of communication between ourselves and those we cherish within our villages. Instead, it’s become shrouded in a black veil of rapidly increasing intolerance, the dismissal of human compassion, and an inability to set aside egos. We have misused social media to harass and spy on each another, we’ve let it destroy our families and friendships, and we’ve failed to take any responsibility for the chaos that wreaks havoc in our lives as a result. 

Mommie Anarchist is certain we can do better. We must restore our individual freedom for our own wellbeing, but more importantly, for our children’s wellbeing. In order to accomplish that, we must first heal our villages. If we allowed social media to tear us apart, then all we have to do is choose to let it put us back together again. 

If they are free, they are not equal. And if they are equal, they are not free. - Solzhenitsyn

No society can possibly be built on a denial of individual freedom. - Gandhi

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