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Access to Patreon exclusive content. Such as: Behind the scenes, costume process, editing livestreams, and things on the horizon before they're officially announced.
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About Mo Mo O'Brien


My name is Mo Mo and I show you some crazy everyday adventures you can actually do! 

I have a passion for showing my viewers how to go on these crazy adventures, and i'm documenting my odd life on my twitter, instagram, and I put a lot of effort into my youtube channel.

I may also pop in once in a while and show you guys some music, rants using my film studies degree, or other more personal adventures.
$1,241 of $1,500 per month
I have had the conversations with my bosses, that if Patreon goes well I can work less hours.

At this amount It would be feasible for me to work part time instead of full. So once we hit this amount i'll talk with my bosses again. 

This means: not only more videos at a more consistent pace, but better benefits in the Patreon tiers

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