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How do I create my art? 

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About Momo Pebelle

THE ART OF WORD & DANCE describes best what I do.

I am always on the edge of dropping out of medical school to pursue a professional career in the arts. But so far I honestly haven´t seen a way to make a proper living with my art. With one foot in a medical career and one in an artistic career I am tip toeing between two different worlds.
Until a friend recently introduced me to Patreon. This platform is great for artists like me who can only make a living if real people like you show active support through monthly contributions.
I am a professional dancer working as a dance teacher in my own little dance studio in a small Bavarian town for 5 hours/week. One day a week I teach dance workshops in a school. I don´t wanna be a part-time-artist any longer. I have so many beautiful creative ideas that I want to share with the world. My goal is to inspire and empower people with my art. My messages are blunt and direct, raw & uncut. I have struggled a lot in the past but my positive energy has always put me back on track. I want to be the living example that with passion & love everything is possible.

There are several things I currently work on:
- My first Poetry Album
- My first Book
- My Solo Stage Show
- Teaching Concepts for Schools
- Building my YouTube Channel & Instagram Page

Apart from being an artist I am a single-mum of a 9-year-old daughter. I got obligations & responsibilities. Just like anyone else I can´t make it on my own. I need your support!
If you like my art, make a contribution. Even if it is just 1 $ / month it helps a lot! 

Für deutsche Supporter:
Ihr könnt auch gerne individuellen Support per PayPal beisteuern. 
Mein PayPal-Konto: [email protected]
Ihr könnt mich auch gerne bei Frage und Anregungen per [email protected] kontaktieren!

$0 of $1,000 per month
In the past I have created  YouTube and Instagram videos to bring my art to people. I guess I would have to go on for many years like this to finally reach a proper amount of people and be able to get sponsorship from big companies. But I honestly don´t want to wait for something that might not come. There are millions of creators doing dope stuff. So I decided to use this platform to be able to make a living off my art by real people supporting my art!

Now I want to focus on two major projects:
- creating a poetry audio & visual book
- creating a solo stage show

To be able to work on these two projects and to provide good content I am aiming for  € 1000/per month. A part of that money would go into new equipment and the production of the poetry book and the stage show. If I can get a 1000 people to pay € 1 per month then I can start to really make some bigger steps! 
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