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About Moms of Furries

Hi! We're Carrie and Joelle, aka the Moms of Furries©! We are best pals whose kids introduced us to the furry fandom. We are grateful to our teens because they bravely took the initiative to educate us about being furry. Thankfully, they didn't give up on us!

After initial hesitation, we decided to take our kids to our first convention. We instantly felt welcomed into this amazing community! On the last day of the con, we decided it was our duty to share our experience with other - possibly hesitant - parents. Our first YouTube video garnered more support than we could have ever imagined. We have now become part of this wonderful community.

Over overall mission is to share the benefits of the furry fandom and to dispel myths as well as negative stereotypes. We believe this fandom is not only appropriate for young furries but also a positive outlet for their creativity and self-expression. As part of our mission, we want to create fun, age-appropriate furry convention activities targeted to youths and their families. Maybe you'll attend a con someday and we will get to meet you at our Young Furry Chill Space©! 

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