Lionel Bisschoff

is creating a better future for Africa through writing, lobbying, educating.

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Africa can transition to a Joy Economy by 2030. Help us make it happen.
African slums are growing by 2 million souls per year. Two million more people per year living desperate lives under desperate conditions. We can do something about it, but it requires change. Change to how we create, allocate and destroy money. Change to how we collaborate. I created the non-profit to inform, educate and lobby for the change needed to provide a better life for all in Africa. It will not be easy. Your support is desperately needed so I can dedicate more of my time to creating a better future for all in Africa.
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This will give me the space to dedicate a full week per month to informing, educating, talking, writing and helping to bring about the societal structure changes needed for Africa's people to thrive.
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