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You all are the bones & foundation of this container and I am grateful for your contribution. The more people who are pledged at the $2 level, the deeper & stronger the foundation of this project. Thank you. At this level, you'll get access to all patreon-exclusive content, including but not limited to stories, essays, poems, photographs.  
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Espresso becomes less about the senses and more about the encounter when there's enough for two. Drip by drip, community builds and relationships grow roots. Careers and movements are also built one drip at a time. Thank you for helping build relationships and for valuing encounters. At this level, you'll get the rewards above, and a weekly reflection/journaling/creating prompt. 
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I find that there is little that comforts quite like a hot bowl of soup and a chunk of homemade bread. And as much as I love soups with many ingredients, there's a simplicity and deliciousness to be found in soups with just a few: carrot & ginger, for example, topped with roasted pumpkin seeds.  Pair it with a dish whose color contrasts the soup and you have beauty in a bowl. Thank you for helping add simplicity & beauty into the world. At this reward level, you'll receive all the earlier rewards, plus I'll host a quarterly (maybe more often) video chat for you all.  The days & times will vary so as to allow for participation from folks around the world. 




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Stone Soup Stories:
Making Love Present in the World

Welcome! My name is Monica and I believe in the power of stories to transform hearts and minds. 

For years, the story of Stone Soup has intrigued me; it tells about a community that is fed & nourished by one person's story-- a story which leads to the people in the community contributing the small bits of food that they have and in the end, a soup is made that all can (and do) eat. 

The community in the story is a community after tragedy during a time of scarce resources. 

I believe that today we are much like that community in the story: we've hidden our onions, our potatoes, our carrots, so that we have food for our families. We've kept close our gifts, our skills, our talents. And few of us are listening to the other people around us. 

I want to create more fiction, more essays, more poems, that add to the conversations.

I want to dream, together, about what we are envisioning for the future, rather than just tearing down the past or eviscerating the things that have come before.

I believe we need bridges, thresholds, and more in-between spaces where we can meet those unlike us. Liminal spaces where we can engage and listen and learn and act. 

Patreon is one container, one in-between space where those conversations can happen. 

And really, I want to use Patreon as a less busy space to create community and conversation-- a community that is absent trolls and built on mutual respect & mutual willingness to see.

I love how Patreon removes the publisher from the equation, as far as connecting readers and authors; my plan for the future would be to both traditionally publish & to continue to self publish.  

If you've gotten this far, thank you from the depths of my heart, for checking out my page, my work, my vision. I'd love to have you on board, if it speaks to you. And if it does not, that is all right, as well. 

To join the community and get access to all I write, select "Become a Patron" 

**Some admin bits: if you don't love any of the reward levels, or they don't match your budget needs, feel free to get creative and make up your own! (You can do this when you are signing up and I'll still include the rewards for the nearest level).
$67 of $100 per month
Hitting this goal would allow me to devote 3 hours per month to writing: what that looks like practically speaking is monthly, at least one essay or story excerpt.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 65 exclusive posts
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