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We're broke and that's okay.

-One Welcome Doodle as a thank you for sharing your hard earned dollar

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-Access to my Patreon Discord (when it's made!)

-Access to WIPs before I make them and their final result public

-My eternal gratitude

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Look at you! Slightly less broke!

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You're an angel.

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-A personal icon/avatar drawn by me. Line only.

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About Mónika-Elma Muñoz

Art is my life. It's all I've wanted to do ever since I could conceptualize the future.

There have been many things both aiding me and impeding me in my journey--From education to mental illness to family strife to career doubts, but I am finally on the path that I want to be.

From me, you'll see a combination of personal art, passion projects, collaborations, and of course, commissions from generous people--On the way, you'll see me branching out into different mediums and subjects, as well as learn more about myself and the world around me.

Please visit my website: monikaelma.net !
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When I reach 50 patrons, I will open up a Discord server to foster open communication with all of you, and share ideas for future projects, tiers, and rewards.
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