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Welcome to the MONiTUM patreon page.

MONiTUM was created to produce a range of software apps. Focusing on helping and connecting the emergency services with the public and also improving vehicle safety/security. Our aim is to supply our software to the emergency services for free by utilising advertising/sponsorship and of course asking for your support here.
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A big thank you for supporting us.

For the price of a couple of cups of coffee a month you could make a big difference.

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A big thank you and access to regular updates on our progress/development

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Same as Bronze but with name/twitter name listed on a silver contributors page on our website.

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Same as Silver but with patrons names on a dedicated Gold contributors page on our website and exclusive access to drafts and prototypes.

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Same as Gold but with patrons names, social media and or company website links, on a dedicated Platinum contributors page on our website. Also if geographically possible, you will take part in any trials of the software.

Platinum Plus
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
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As all the above, however Patrons names and or company names will be posted on all sites with hyper links and social media (pinned post). Names will also be used on all correspondence, listed as a sponsor during the contribution period.

Ultimate Sponsor
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Ultimate sponsors receive all of the above and will get their company logo on draft layouts and mock screenshots throughout the development and initial trials.

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$500 a month will allow us to update equipment and storage solutions.
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