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Hello Players of Worlds Adrift US East.

You may know me as:
Admiral Monkeydo

There was a crazy dream in Worlds Adrift US East Server A Dream by a Player known only as MeisterKeen.
A Dream to build a place where people stop murdering each other for five minutes and y'know....

From Chill can come:
Fun (that doesn't involve whole sale murder and pillage...)

This Crazy Dream Was Osiris Free Port.

It wasn't my Dream, but it sounded fun. So I glided onboard. (I did ask permission first though!)

So I built the Osiris Free Port Discord Server.
That was stupid!
I write this message On Day 10

By the End of Week One:
We had over 100 users
We had started and ended The War of Day 1
We had built some lights
Constructed The Free Port Bank In Secrecy
We had developed nearly 15 Roles
30 Rooms
Begun Trading
Battled with waves of Merciless Pirates.
I got Promoted to Mayor after an 8 hour Peace Negotiation!
I personally sank 10s of (I don't think I am exagerating when I say Over 100 come Day 11) hours in the first week alone into crafting this place, forging bonds and relationships and beginning the story of Free Port. Continously striving to make sure it did not burn to the ground while I slept.

The Diary of MeisterKeen Day 10:
(This Is just One Voice, One View, in an Ever growing Emergent Entirely Player Created Story)

Now Week 2 and Beyond is Upon Us. Many thought we would not even make it this far. I have lots of hopes and Ideas for the Future of our little Free Port Adventure Story. Carving out the first signs of civilization in a world of Violence, Mistrust and Bloodshed!

Now over 200 users...

This Patreon is an Experiment and is PURELY VOLUNTARY.
This is for anyone that wishes to say a special thank you and has the means to do so.
I can't promise you much, I shall do my best to make Free Port Great.
This will in no way affect your status in game, or the way I treat you in Role Play.
There will be no content pay gating.
(At most I will make a Premium Room where you could all gather to talk and breathe the rarified air away from the common peasantry!)

This is a google doc laying out some of my thoughts around the Proposal:

A little about the real me:
I am currently on disability. I have not been able to to be well enough to be employed for over a decade. I spend my days tired and in pain. This idea seemed like fun, it is turning into a monster!
Even a small amount of money could make a big difference to me. If for no other reason than that little sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing someone appreciates what you do enough to reach into their pocket.

If you are not sure I deserve money, don't give it. If you want to wait and see if I am worthy then wait.

Thankyou any and all in Advance.

Free Port Will Stand!
Admiral Monkeydo
Mayor of Free Port.

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