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About Monkey House Gaming

Hello Fellow Gamers!

Firstly, I want to thank you for dropping by our Patreon page! I have been compelled to create this page by a few members of the Monkey House Gaming community that have recently learned about my financial situation and know I need some help keeping it alive.

If you do not already know, Monkey House Gaming hosts a PvP and PvE 7 map cluster for ARK and 7 Days to Die PvE and PvP servers. Up until recently, I was paying for all the expenses that keep the servers up and running. But I have since lost my income and need help paying for the servers. If I can’t get some help, I will be forced to close down the servers.

That is something I don't want to do as I have spent the better part of this last year growing the community and our Discord has recently hit over 100 active members! So I am hoping some of the people here can help keep it growing and possibly even add more servers in the future!

Please consider contributing to Monkey House Gaming and keep it growing for years to come. I am a very hard worker and don’t plan on giving up without a fight!

Owner of Monkey House Gaming
$36 of $150 per month
Stage 1:
This stage is needed to cover the costs of running the game servers we are today and some hardware upgrades to improve server stability if the goal is met.

Server Hardware:
  • Intel CPU
  • 64 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 980 GB SSD

Game Servers:
  • ARK PvP Cluster (All 7 Maps)
  • ARK PvE Cluster (All 7 Maps)
  • 7 Days To Die PvP Server
  • 7 Days To Die PvE Server
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