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1st Level Fighter
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For as little as one dollar a month, you too can own a .pdf copy of Sin Nombre Universal Tabletop RPG, as well as any errata, addenda, or revised editions that we release.  Of course, you also get our undying thanks!
5th Level Rogue
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Not only do you get a .pdf copy of Sin Nombre Universal Tabletop RPG, you also get content- either a monster, non-player character, vehicle, or gear/item sheet each month. Shiny!
10th Level Beggar
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All the other stuff of the lower tiers, plus a high-resolution top-down old school game map of any setting, or campaign notes for planned future releases.  At this tier, you'll get to see and use future publications long before they are released!




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About Monks Hand Games

Monks Hand Games is proud to launch the Sin Nombre Universal Role-Playing game system- and we're so happy that you're here to support us!  Thanks so much for giving us a look!

Sin Nombre started way back in 2013, when an old-school tabletop RPG fan finally decided to take what he knew worked best from various tabletop RPGs- along with ideas from his own group of gamers- and turn that into a cohesive, setting-neutral (that is, universal) system all their own.  After years of playtesting, several major and minor revisions, and a couple of name changes, Sin Nombre RPG is ready for launch.

And Sin Nombre is different from most RPG systems because it was designed from the beginning to be
  • universal: easily adaptable to any setting from swords and sorcery to Gothic horror to superheroes to magical pony adventures
  • scalable: character abilities and "power" can be set from everyday guy/gal to godlike- right from the start
  • open: no classes, no species, no levels or keeping track of experience.  Characters gain more building points to improve as they complete personal and group goals within the campaign setting
  • simple: an opposing roll on two ten-sided dice core mechanic, with optional alternate rules to make gameplay more fine-grained- if you want to use them
  • versatile: play on a grid map with minis, or (as we personally prefer) abstract things like range and movement and keep it in the mind's eye.  Either way.

But we don't want to just hand out our "heartbreaker" RPG.  No, we want to give it away for a song (actually, for a dollar) and make content to go with it or any other system you choose to use.  That's right- even if you don't use Sin Nombre for your tabletop role-playing enjoyment, we want to help you get the most out of what you do like to play by offering tons of content as rewards.  That's what drew us to Patreon to begin with- the ability to reward our patrons with a steady stream of goodies as thanks for their continued support.  And we appreciate every bit. 
$1 of $250 per month
At this goal, Monks Hand Games will be able to finish commissioning artwork for the final, retail copy of Sin Nombre Universal Tabletop RPG.  All patron levels will get a bonus item, monster, NPC, or vehicle sheet -  and we will be able to pay great artists what they deserve for their work!
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