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I just started and I get that. I try to put myself in your shoes. If I like the kind of videos a creator makes, what would I be willing to give if he is just starting up? Lets give him a dollar and see where this goes. In return I will take you on a privet tour of my house so you can get unedited help on starting your smart home. 
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Lets do this! I want to see the best you can offer without distractions. I believe in you! As a token of my appreciation, I will send you a Thank You gift, along with a privet video tour of my home so you can get unedited help on starting your smart home.  




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The smart home is an ever growing market right now that will only get bigger. With tons of smart products that promise to turn your home smart with very little input from you is every homeowner and renters dream. I want to explore every smart home product and test the limit of those devices to see how well they stack against the competition and most importantly how hard they work for you. Doing what you it expect them to do, day in, day out with little to no issues. I want to do this work full time without the help of manufactures so I can paint a honest and true picture of their products. I want to spend my entire day just testing smart home products to make sure they are fit for your home then report my findings to you. From cameras, to sensors, hubs, and lights. I want to cover them all. With your help, we can explorer the world of making your home smart, secure, and comfortable all while doing the most important thing. Not breaking the bank and wasting money on products that will only let us down. Please join me on my adventure, and lets make our homes smart! I'm not blinded. I know this is a long shot. I realize this can be one of those phases that eventually phase out. But I'm still going to try. I know there are people out there that enjoy my videos. I've always wanted to be a tech blogger ever since getting hooked onto CNET back in 2007. My all time favorite CNET editor was Brian Tong. I loved his energy and tried and failed multiple times to duplicate it. I always envied what he did and wanted to be like him. And even though he is no longer with CNET, I still follow him on YouTube. When I found out he left CNET, it was an awakening moment for me. If he can leave CNET, to become a freelancer, why can't I do what I want to do! And so here I am! I blame Brain. I blame him for inspiring me. And although he will probably never see this, I want to say Thank You Brain! And to everyone else, Thank you for visiting my page regardless if you become a Patreon or not. Thank You for taking the time to see what I have to offer. 
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