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Support us on our journey as we develop the series pushing to finish episode 1 to really kick this thing in gear. We will be bringing you behind the scenes & premiere access to First episode and everything MONSTER TRAP! 

BECOME A PATRON TODAY & I'LL SEND DOWNLOAD OF MY UNRELEASED EP Gran Bel Fisher's "Maniac of Gardera" (not out till 2018)! & latest album "Yokefellow" Watch 13 minute rockumentary in post below! - The lightslinger  




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My name is Jesse Littleton also known as singer songwriter and rock n' roller "Gran Bel Fisher" (watch 13 min rockumentary here or in the Community post below) Appearances include Jimmy Kimmel Live, to Aaron Sorkin's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." I have toured the world with acts like Brandi Carlile, The Fray, and Corine Bailey Rae, to playing legendary festivals like "Bonaroo." I have also had a song featured on Grey's Anatomy and Miley Cyrus even cut one of my songs. I now live back in my small town of 2,000 people called Sabina, Ohio. Here I am very involved with my community in battling the opiate epidemic with our podcast "small town junkies" where I interview recovering addicts, to family members who lost others to this epidemic sweeping not only my small town but the country. I think producIng "It's Not a Monster Trap Variety Show" gives us a real shot at growing our audience and taking all of our positive efforts and network of talent to push a lot of these positive projects forward as well. You can check out our channel here for music videos and over 300 videos of original content we produced as we grow towards the bigger visions ahead. I love creating and I love movies! & story telling is my passion.Through songs,images, and now this. I Grew up wanting to be a cartoonist, a scientist, a soldier, a skater, director, actor, rocker, songwriter and so many other things. This show and world really houses all my strengths and I can't wait to show you what we have in store! Thanks for checking out our page and thanks for your support. It means the world. 
All the best, 
- Jesse a.k.a. the lightslinger follow me on instagram @itsnotamonstertrapvarietyshow 

Welcome to our page! Check out trailer above! "It's Not A Monster Trap Variety Show" is a show about a late night tv host in the middle of what was once called Earth now called Planet Scaremare. Watch as The Lightslinger defends his Tv studio compound and watch as this late night tv show host lures the monsters of Planet Scaremare and their big fat egos onto his popular tv show "Planet Scaremare Tonight with Jesse Littleton" never to be seen again!!! Featuring MUSICAL ACTS, MMA STARS, MONSTERS & MORE! Each episode the lightslinger will sit down with a new Monster guest and as the musical act performs he will take out the monster guest with karate, lazers, & whatever it takes to MASH EM ALL!!! Featuring new music each episode the Lightslinger and his TV studio crew of puppets (Karla, Mike, & Nice Guy Chris) fight to keep the light shining broadcasting out into Planet Scaremare calling out to all other Lightslingers sending the message "When Everything is Dead all That's left is light." 

This show will group my favorite genres of Horror, Scifi, Action, Comedy, Adventure & Fantasy all together in 17 minute episodes. (about the length of Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee length, a show we love and a good length for web) We have been developing the pilot or EPISODE 1 for almost a year now and are ready to bring it to you all! This page will help fund our efforts in taking this all to the next level turning this into a full time production for our small creative studio in the small town of Sabina in southwest Ohio. Our studio is the house I grew up in called "ELM ST. Creative Studios." There we will create jobs and a vision of a scene that connects incredible talent that truly helps put light out into the world. ELM ST. Creative Studios can and will house our musical guests as they swing in from the road to freshen up and take part in what will hopefully be some serious viewership to promote their latest albums, songs, and art. Featuring all the behind the scenes, private concert series, including series premiere of EPISODE 1 and tons of organic content weekly of process and really a overall direct connection with me and the makers of this show.

I love all things Frank Oz and Jim Henson touched "Dark Crystal" being one them. One of my wife and I's favorite movie is "Big Trouble In Little China" which helps maybe put things into perspective of where we are headed with all of this. Kubrick, Burton, Spielberg, P.T. Anderson and Tarintino are some of my Fav directors. Karate movies like "Bloodsport" "American Ninja" to awesome war type movies like "Red Dawn" (the original) and "Toy Soldiers" for sure are influences to create a world where the underdog's have to rise above and solve an impossible situation. This theme has pushed me to the narrative of this project. Pulp fiction, Apocalypto, Indiana Jones, and Wizard of Oz are on my all time favorites. 

ELM ST. Creative Studios provides a space to grow this production and provides space for our sets and models. Green screen and workshop and of course housing bands as they stop in to be on the Monster Trap show. On the team a friend of mine is artist Arthur Pauley and his family own a junkyard that turns into a haunted hollow type attraction that is open in October called "The Final Resting Place" "haunted junkyard." It's an incredible world created by Arthur and a team of awesome creature creators and actors.  There we can do incredible scenes and expand the magic of this world. Getting to do fun imaginitive effects outdoors allows us to do effects that can be done large scale. The point being is that a lot of stars are aligning and stories coming together around our small town in southwest Ohio to offer you our audience something incredibly unique. The world of "planet scaremare." 


Series, Movies, Toys, Video Games, graphic novels, and more are in mind in the future for this world. 
This project really puts all our strengths into one pot and I think we can bring you something different and fresh! I really appreciate the support and even watching the trailer. Become a Patron today and help us bring a little light to the world.
- Jesse Littleton a.k.a. the lightslinger Owner/Operator of ELM ST. Creative Studios

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