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About The Moody Millennials

Alex MacLellan and Matt Kendall are Millennials and they are not happy about it!

The Moody Millennials is a podcast that rants, raves and complains about many aspects of modern millennial life. Why do people take photos of their food? Why are there no original songs or bands in the charts anymore? What does 'Woke' mean?

This is arguably a comedic, entertaining and self-deprecating podcast, but one with a serious side. Both Alex and Matt are IEMT therapists and coaches and they tackle issues that affect millennials head on, with practical help and advice in features 'The Struggle is Real' and 'Stoic's Corner'.

Every episode features a special guest offering opinions and insight into a theme of the show, such as travel, dating or pushing your own limits (YOLO anyone?), and you can get catharsis for your annoyance in features such as 'iTriggered' or be freed from regret in 'Let it Go'.

Join us for a weekly discussion of all things millennial, why things are going wrong and how things can be put right again.

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