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About Mooeyandfriends

I am Michelle, a twenty-something kawaii blogger, and crochet artist. I've been blogging since 2010 but started taking it seriously in 2016. I opened my blog to help spread the word of my Etsy shop,Mooeyandfriends , where I sell my handmade crochet goods.

Since last year I've been posting a 1-2 free crochet pattern every month on my blog (click here to view all of my crochet patterns). I've been crocheting for almost 10 years but by sharing my love of crochet on my blog I've fallen in love with crocheting all over again! I wanted to start a Patreon for and challenge myself to make new products.

I wanted to start a Patreon to share more of my crochet content with those who want to see more of my crochet work and want to support me. The money raised from my Patreon will help fund MooeyAndFriends (both the blog and shop) to buy new equipment and supplies for future projects.

If you choose to support my Patreon you will receive exclusive content before anyone else and even some pieces crocheted by me. Examples of crochet blog posts include, how to crochetwhat's in my crochet notebook, how to crochet, favorite yarn, favorite crochet accessories, amigurumi tips, and more!

Do I need to know how to crochet?
No! If you enjoy the art of crochet then you can still enjoy my content. Obviously, there are benefits if you know how to crochet but you don't need to know. If you would like to learn how to crochet then I think you will find my posts very helpful. You can also choose a tier in which you can receive a crochet item by me!

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