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Tiny Stars are the first level of tiers! Patrons in this tiers will have access to my personal journals (in monthly podcast) and early access of my work in sketch!
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Big Stars are the second level of tiers! Patrons in this tiers will have all of the benefit from first tiers and also my practice sketch! I will also provide you with personal Illustration of my OC of your choice in chibi version every month!
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Constellation are the third level of tiers! Patrons in this tiers will have all of the benefit from first and second tiers and a tour of all of my sketchbooks, an I will also sent you a letter alongside the Illustration of my chibi OC and if you want to I can make a customized Illustration of my chibi OC the way you want me too in colors!




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About the Moon and Dawn Label

Hi there! I'm Joey! Welcome to my page!

Thank you for paying a visit! As you can see this is the Moon and Dawn Label and I am the creator Josephine but you can call me Joey!
the Moon and Dawn Label are created under the moon into the dawn and that's how I came up with the name to put it simply because I'm a night owl I tend to create things at night

Let's Talk about why you're here

I'm creating a label instead of a brand, and the reason why I'm choosing Label is because in this society Label can also mean Identity and I wanted to be the one that created my own Identity as a person and as an Artist. I came from a small town, trying to make my own place in the society that I live in by surviving on my own, and not depending on my parents because I've realized it is time for me to go on my own journey as it is now the beginning of my 20's I wanted to become a better person than I am in my 10's. I love drawing with passion and I've always wanted to make a living by doing what I love so I made a patreon with a mindset to share my passion to other people, to improve, and to learn. Now you might be thinking "Why should I give you my money?"
You don't have to but it would mean the world to me if you help me paying my tuition, my supplies, and my cup of coffee :) in return I will give you every inch of my passion in form of art and illustration!

What would you get as my Patron?

You would get the access to all of my unreleased work, my journals, projects that I'm planning to make, my sketches, Q&A, personal contact with me, and even weekly commission! I'm trying to make a professional career and every dollars that you've given me will be another step to help me creating my dream! so I wanted to say thank you for even opening this page and considering my art! I want to work hard to become a better artist and a better person with your help :)

Sincerely, Joey

the Moon and Dawn Label
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If I make it into $300 (WHICH IS A LOT WOW) I will use the money to buy filming equipment so I can make speedpaint, studio vlogs, and even a better camera for my monthly live! 
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