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  • All the new music. You'll get downloads of all our new releases for however long you remain a patron! We also send everything out in .wav format, which is the highest quality possible; you're literally getting the files we export from our music software after mastering.
  • Access to our patron-only blog. Once you become a patron you receive full access immediately.
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  • Early access to the song of the week.
  • Behind the scenes peek into the creative process. Access to Exclusive Patreon folder of all the mixes for the song of the week (usually around 10). 
  • Instant access to déCollage's first 3 albums.
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  • "Womb of The Dawn" Remix Stems.
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About Moon Magnet

Hi! Moon Magnet's releasing over 52 songs this year.

Last year, the Moon Magnet crew threw a ton of events. This year, it's all about releasing music every week from artists on our label including: Moon Hammer, déCollage, King Eddie, Yonbre, Reed Fox {House/DJ tracks}, Talley, Suspender Defenders, & Cosmic Pineapple. We've been cooking up some music videos & podcasts too and you can expect to see a new one almost every month. 

All the songs will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp and a slew of other platforms.
You also get a lot of music right away. As soon as you become a patron, you'll be taken to a page with links for Patreon-exclusive music downloads.
It brings bliss to simply share these songs with the cyber~verse. If you enjoy the songs and want to support, that would be amazing! We'll be making as much bonus content (i.e. videos, bonus tracks, podcasts, etc.) for patrons as possible. The releases are already scheduled months out; it's bonkers. They include original music from the previously mentioned artists as well as remixes and collaborations. 90% of it was mixed and mastered at Moon Magnet Studios by Reed Fox. There will always be ways to stream the songs for free, too, so please take advantage of that and follow along either way!

Thanks so much. Without your support, this would not be possible!  

Here's a lil' more about us:
Moon Magnet is a DIY studio, event space, record label, and publishing company based in Denver, CO founded in 2013. Since receiving the Meow Wolf Grant in 2017, we’ve undertaken a number of exciting new projects, including the release of our first cassette compilation tape (Moon Magnet Volume IV). We also brought on a second audio engineer in the studio which has allowed us to record over 30 new artists/bands last year, as well as a video producer. We’ve created surrealistic new music videos and premiered them on the big screen, as well as launching a quarterly Moon Magnet showcase at Alamo Drafthouse, which debuted this summer with songwriter Esmé Patterson. We’ve also been lucky enough to travel across the country and build art installations at music festivals like FORM Arcosanti, The UMS, Desert Daze {collaborating with Adult Swim} & art spaces like Museum of Contemporary Art & The Understudy. Moon Magnet strives to inspire musicians to try new things and promotes a “you can do anything with practice; barriers are mostly mental” DIY ethos.
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When we reach $300 pledged per creation, everyone gets a Snack Pack: CD, Cassette Tape, Stickers, déCollage Pin, & obviously some Googly Eyes. We'll also hire one of our favorite videographers, Juli Williams, to make a music video for one of our bands.
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