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By giving me $1 per month you'll be funding my LINE sticker purchases.

  • Early access to my videos (excluding last minute livestream announcement videos!)
  • Sleep easy knowing that you bought me a new sticker pack on LINE
  • Really though I'm going to buy a LINE sticker pack
  • Access to patron-only feed
  • Access to patron-only polls, like voting on what video I upload next
One Dollar, Three Times
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It's like one dollar, but there's three of them.

  • All previous rewards
  • Access to the Mootreon role and Patron-only channels in my Discord
Includes Discord rewards
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I can stream now so you might as well sub there instead. You'll get emotes too :eyes:

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  • Just pretend this is a Twitch sub (but there's no cute emote) ;__;
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About Moo

Who are you?
I'm Moo. I make videos of my friends and I doing stupid stuff in fighting games! P4U, BBTAG, BBCF, and UNIST, but mostly P4U. A lot of silly things happen in anime fighting games, so I decided to start uploading clips of us playing to my channel, and apparently people like them!

My channel started growing about one month before BBTAG's release, going from ~500 views per video to around 10k, and getting thousands of subscribers. I never expected my channel to be as big as it is, and I never expected people to want to give me money, but apparently some of you do, so here's a way to do that!

Anyway, yeah, here's the Mootreon! Throw a dollar my way if you want to and don't forget to join the Discord! It's open to everyone!

Why should I give you money?
You shouldn't! I don't have much to offer in terms of Patreon exclusive content, so this is mostly a "I like this guy's videos, I'll give him a few dollars" sort of thing. It's is just a way to support me directly if you want to!

Current Goals:
!!! $630 / $600 !!!
??? / ???

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