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✳️ CREDITS -- Your name (or username, if you prefer) will be listed in the credits (of the videos AND the game).
✳️ VIDEOS -- Early access to videos on here without ads.
✳️ THE GAME -- If the game is for sale, you get a download key!
✳️ ICON -- An icon graphic can be added next to your name on the credits screen of videos and games.
✳️ TITLE -- A title or extra blurb will be added with your name in the video & game credits. (e.g. "The Best Chef Evar", "Blobbyblob Games")
✳️ YOU -- I will highlight a game or project that you're working on as a standalone video.
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This Patreon is "per creation", but only per game creation; not for each video!

Beyond programming open source games, I also make educational videos, let's plays, zines, conlang stuff, and more!


I am obsessed with open source, Free, open culture, and public domain works. My style has always been to make what I do free, remixable, and widely available to others, whether that's my video games, my educational content, or even my art and videos. When I make things, I want others to be able to use them however they'd like, and I encourage others to learn and be creative as well. 🌼

I make open source games (moosader.itch.io/), free creative commons educational videos & content (moosader.com/learn), public domain / creative common videos in various constructed languages (youtube.com/ayadanconlangs), public domain game art (gitlab.com/RachelWilShaSingh/rachels-creative-commons-art), and public domain music (gitlab.com/RachelWilShaSingh/rachels-creative-commons-music). I wish I could make a living off making free things for everybody, but that doesn't quite work in this capitalist hellscape. 🙂

So, I hope that I can make a little bit of money by doing what I do, through your support. 💖 I still have to find jobs here and there, but perhaps making a little bit by doing things I love can help soften the blow of having to work for others.


How's this Patreon set up?
I have this Patreon set up so that my Patrons get charged every time I *finish* making an open source game. This definitely won't be a monthly charge, unless I'm making something pretty small. Even if you don't have much money to spare, you can pitch in $1 and it won't even be monthly! What a deal! 😂

You can become a Patron even if you're not interested in my gamedev vlogs or the games I'm making. I would encourage you to become a Patron if you enjoy something I make. It will help me keep working on my games and other things I love to do, and you'll only pay every-so-often. Every two months? Four months? It depends on how overly ambitious I become with my game development, oh no!!


What are the perks?
Patrons get access to my devlogs early, but also they get to boss me around! Now I work for you! And it only costs like, probably 25 cents per month.
  • Tell me what games to Let's Play!
  • Game keys! -- If I am selling one of these open source games, you get free game keys to download it.
  • Suggest other video content to make! Animations? Rants? Reviews? In English, Esperanto, Ido, Láadan, or Hindi??
  • Credits! -- I'll put you in video credits, as well as links to your website/social media so people can check out your projects, too! (See Patreon tiers!)
  • Access to Discord! -- I mean, you can access it anyway even without donating, but whatevs!


How else can you help?

If you're not the subscription type of person, that's OK! I have other things set up.
  • 🎮 ITCH.IO -- You can buy a game from me on itch.io - they're mostly free, but you can choose to give me money instead.
  • 📱 GOOGLE PLAY -- You can download my games on Google Play. I don't make new mobile games very often, though, because they're a PAIN IN THE BUTT.
  • KO-FI -- You can buy me a coffee, or some Taco Bell, or something. I'm unfortunately addicted to sugar and junk food, so any money given to me to enable these cravings is appreciated. 😇
  • 👕 SPREADSHIRT -- You can buy a Moosader t-shirt, with the Moosader logo or characters from my game. I admit, I'm the #1 purchaser of my own merch, because I'm THAT PERSON who walks around wearing their own logo.
  • 🖼️ REDBUBBLE -- You can buy my art in various formats, including stickers and even notebooks plastered with my stuff! I have stuff for conlangers, Linux gamers, programmers, and people who like kitties. 🐈

Wait, who the heck am I?
My name is Rachel (they/them) and I'm a programmer, artist, and conlang enthusiast in the Kansas City area. I've worked as a software/web developer and as a computer science instructor, and I've been making games for 2/3rds of my life now! (I started when I was 10) I've had a YouTube channel as a hobby since 2006, uploading clips of the games I've made, as well as tutorials and even my class lectures.


LGBTQIA+ friendly, anti-nazi, feminist, tired of this capitalism thing.
$12 of $1,000 per creation
More time for making video side projects, such as additional tutorial videos, Let's Plays, and even videos about non-game projects (zines, book making, crochet, art, piano, etc.)
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