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is creating open source video games and assets
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About Rachel Singh

❀ Quick Links! ❀

Main website: http://www.moosader.com/
Itchio page: https://moosader.itch.io/
GitLab: https://gitlab.com/RachelWilShaSingh

Social media poop:

My name is Rachel (they/them) and I'm a programmer, artist, and conlang enthusiast in the Kansas City area. I've worked as a software/web developer and as a computer science instructor, and I've been making games for 2/3rds of my life now! (I started when I was 10) I've had a YouTube channel as a hobby since 2006, uploading clips of the games I've made, as well as tutorials and even my class lectures.

I am planning on working on monthly short games, things that I can create within a month. During this time, I might stream the "opening" (starting design) and "closing" (play-testing the "complete" game), and otherwise record and edit episodes of the development process (mostly coding and art) throughout the month. Games might include clones of classic games, original arcadey games, visual novels, educational games, and even activism games.

Additionally, these games will be Open Source (hosted on my GitLab) and the artwork I make for the game will be released under a Creative Commons license for others to use for their own projects. This way, I can contribute things that are important to me to the greater community, interact with others interested in game development, and get to have time to be creative and experiment!

The games will be put up on itch.io for sale, but Patrons will get a free download key. Or, if you know how to, you can also get the game for free by downloading the source and building it. Itch.io is just another way to support me if you can't do monthly contributions. :)

I've done various gamedev vlogs in the past, as well as gamedev tutorials and programming tutorials in general, but hopefully this will be a little more community guided!

I would like to get back to working on projects regularly, and to do that it means I need something less than a 40 hr/wk full time job. Perhaps if I can work part-time and supplement that income with Patreon, I can spend more time focusing on creating things I care about - games, educational resources, activist art, and I can spend more time volunteering.

$8 of $1,000 per creation
More time for making video side projects, such as additional tutorial videos, Let's Plays, and even videos about non-game projects (zines, book making, crochet, art, piano, etc.)
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