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The Ex-boyfriend [전 남친 /jeon namchin/]
per month
‘Singles,’ really? And you wonder why you’ve been Ex-ed from the club? Sweet gesture but don’t expect much attention from me, OK!? Haha, jk. 

- You will be thought of fondly just like the proverbial Ex. 

The in-laws [시부모 /sibumo/]
per month
So close but yet so far away. As close as an Ex can be to one. Why not dive deeper into the next level of commitment? C’mon, you know you wanna.

- You get your name on a special acknowledgment section on my website.

Grandparents [조부모 /jobumo/]
per month
Aww, cute, but this only goes a long way, haha. 

- You get your name on a special acknowledgment section on my website.

- A day early release of my content when possible. 

- Some customized merch.

- You get to be featured on my 'patron of the week' series on my social media.




per month


I am really grateful to all of you all for asking me to start this Patreon page. I absolutely love making this podcast for you and the fact that you love listening to it and want to support me makes me want to do a backflip and literally throw the hero bell at you because you made this happen.

By the way, I’m Mo! Sibyl: The Nigerian-born, US-educated, Korean-speaking, Struggling Intellectual. I’m a cultural nomad who loves to writ(h)e and have meaningful conversations with people. I’m also a Koreanophile and enjoy talking about Korean dramas, Korean economic development, pre and post the Korean War, and Korean politics. I currently reside in Oklahoma City where I work, do Toastmasters, raise my imaginary quokka, and volunteer with Korean international students.

My curiosity drives my need to learn something new every day, which makes me quite knowledgeable and I really want to share this journey of learning, unlearning and relearning with you through the podcast show. The raison d'etre being culture and culture issues focus being culture and audience: cultural nomads, Blacks and Asians and those who love them.

If you’ve ever felt neither here nor there, you’ve reached Home. Welcome!

I’ve taken time to highlight why I need your support:
  • It costs money to professionally edit the episodes and purchase digital audio workstations especially for online interviews
  • It costs money to hire an assistant who can help with scheduling, brainstorming, scouting for potential guest.
  • To provide on-the-spot support to several people in dire need who have been or will be featured. I have done this a couple of times on the show using my personal funds to set up educational scholarships for guests.

And most of all, money allows me to scale up and do even more. Maybe one day, one of our global leaders will be at the other end of my podcast. Just maybe!

For a minimum of $1 per month (and if you want to give me more than that, I’ll absolutely be glad), you’ll get access to behind the scenes, pre and post recording rants and bants. In addition to these, you will be specially acknowledged on my website. You will also access to send your thoughts or questions to the weekly guests and you'll also get full access to my Patreon feed which can include blog posts, images, polls, and lots more fun stuff I’m yet to thoroughly process...

I have so many ideas and I’m so excited you want to help me make them all happen.

Love and with brio,
Mo! Sibyl 
$5 of $700 per month
When I reach $700 per month, I’ll start a special podcast series where I interview one patron every month. I will also take requests from paid members to write an article or poll/survey on an important cultural issue of their interest, hold 1:1 office hours about podcast episodes with culturally high-profile people.

The overarching goal is to get just 2% of my listener/viewer base to become "active participants" through a pledge of any amount whatsoever!
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