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About Morgan Frebeg

I am a painter, musician, designer currently living in New York City. I was born in Denver, CO, and spent part of my childhood in southern Indiana and then moved and grew up in the Chicagoland area of St. Charles and Highland Park, IL. From 2007-2008/9, I lived in San Francisco concentrating on making site-specific ink drawings on cardboard and playing guitar/composing music/and live performaces. In 2009, I moved to upstate New York and then to New York City to attend the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, graduating in 2014, with a BFA in painting. I am currently focused in the studio on making a series of both large and small paintings on wood boards, along with new music that I'm writing on acoustic guitar. Both outlets (along with writing, digital art, drawing, and graphic design) have become necessary for me to establish links and connections between different genres and disciplines in order to grow as an artist in new ways. The basis of my practice, however, is drawing and painting. As a foundational medium based in the physical, tangible, and textured world of objects and things, I am most comfortable using the analog as a basis or starting point, and then branching out into the digital.

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