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Howdy! I'm Morgan (she/her or they/them) :^)

I'm an illustrator and concept artist! I create characters, environments, creatures, and a whole host of other things that cross my mind, and I share 'em online! I'm working to develop my own skills, and make my way through the gaming industry, and i'm here to share what I know with you! Patreon is a tip jar where you can show your support! Regular monthly support provides a lot of stability for me, and also shows that you care about the work I do! I appreciate it immensely - mine happens to charge up front! Can't change it, but it's just a dollar.

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My patreon is pretty much always going to be a work in progress. I'll work to improve it, and smooth it out as much as I can, but ultimately its just a place to have fun creating content with your incredible and invaluable help!
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