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Dear world,
Long time ago, coming home after a long day at work, when I was watching a comparison of stars on YouTube, there was a simple thought that went through my mind:
"I think I can do better..."
So I tried. And this first upload ever "Star Size Comparison HD" reached now about 15 million views. I spent the following years reading comments and reactions on a daily basis. I got thank you letters from teachers all over the world who just blew the mind of their students with it.
Whenever I found some time (which was rare I admit) I kept on doing new videos, animations and experiments from time to time. Also doing a second part of my Starsize Comparison video, which got similar successful.
I never earned money with it, I made a living with my full time job. I just loved to do the animations on YouTube and see the reactions of people.
...aand I got reactions from Fred Haise (Apollo 13 Astronaut, Greetings Freddo), and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss, which I never thought was possible.
In the comments people often say "They forgot..." as if there was a production team behind it,
but it is just me.
Now recently I became a freelancer doing animations. Which is quite tougher than being employed, but I hope it will give me a bit more freedom.
People around me keep telling me I should try to get the time and money I spend on YouTube Videos back. Well, that would be awesome! Because it would ensure me total freedom in being creative and help me to do it more often.
So this is my attempt. Keep enjoying my videos, I will do my best to upload more frequently (but I prefer to put a lot of work and thought in some, bear with me). If you are able to support me on my way, or want to show your gratitude for my past creations, you are certainly my hero.
This will enable me to continue doing these movies for you.
My dream is to share my view of the world, and maybe create a genuinely new style that has not been there before.
I want to thank all my fans out there that made me feel that there are others thinking the same way. Consider following me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and I will keep you updated.
25% complete
Reaching this goal will convince me I am doing a good job and I will turn this hobby into a profession. Regarding invested time and costs, I will begin to streamline my workflow to upload more frequently. I will also look for new software and techniques.

"All we have to do is to decide what to do with the time that is given us." as Gandalf the grey says.
Sounds easy, doesn´t it?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 141 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 141 exclusive posts

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