Morning Star Conservancy

is creating a sustainable framework to protect peyote in its natural habitat
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About Morning Star Conservancy

THANK YOU for your interest in coming together to respectfully conserve the medicinal peyote cactus Lophophora Williamsii and its native habitat.

Today, there are many critical issues severely threatening the long-term survival of this sacramental plant in its natural setting in the deserts of southern Texas and northeastern Mexico. 

The Morning Star Conservancy has been created as a 501c(3) non-profit organization to protect the precious wild peyote and its biosphere from these threats.

Our main objective is to create and implement Sustainable Management Plans, which includes establishing guidelines for best harvesting practices, active conservation of the lands where this ancient medicine naturally grows, and aligning with other conservation groups working in this region so that we can together ensure the survival of this unique cactus species for many generations to come. 

To attain these goals, we are initially relying entirely on contributions from each and every person who wishes to GIVE BACK to these medicine ways, or simply wishes to help empower our environmental conservation efforts for the Earth.

This campaign is the beginning steps on a long journey of creating public awareness and balance, and we will be regularly sharing the progress along the way with you here. Once our initials goals have been met, we will evolve this campaign into a membership structure linked to our own website and newsletter.

We are a gender-equal council of eight individual advocates from different walks of life freely offering our time and love in service to this important mission.

Thank you for your generosity! Together we will make an impactful difference! 

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At this level, we will be able to hire a part-time webmaster for the building and maintenance of our website!
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