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Hey guys, 

I'm a filmmaker and I love making films. I've been making films since I was 7 and as I continue to develop my career, I'm realizing that I want to do bigger and better projects that require bigger budgets. I've luckily been able to self finance many of my micro budget shorts, plus collaborate with other super talented people, but I know I won't be able to truly do what I want to do without some much needed funding. I have goals to make a new feature film sooner rather than later, a few higher concept shorts, and more.

My biggest goal at the moment is completing my debut feature film "Funemployment" which I have been making since 2013 and have funded by myself and by the supporters from my crowdfunding campaign. I'd very much love to release it this year and am about $3K away from having a completed product and another $5K short to help with marketing, advertising, and distribution.

I'm turning to you for help. Since Funemployment, I've made a lot of short films to continue to hone my skills as a director. Many of these films have played at film festivals or won awards. The films are:

A Bird's Nest
Two Roads
My Heart - Ya Albi
The Earth Below
No Brakes (documentary short)
Shakespeare on the Range

Most of the films have distribution so I cannot release them to the public, but I'd love to offer private screening opportunities for my Patrons to help raise some much needed funds to complete Funemployment and take it straight to distribution. 

Shakespeare on the Range Official Trailer from Moth to Flame Films on Vimeo.

My Heart - Ya Albi Official Trailer from Moth to Flame Films on Vimeo.

Two Roads Trailer from Moth to Flame Films on Vimeo.

A Bird's Nest - 30 second Trailer from Moth to Flame Films on Vimeo.

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When I reach $1000, I'd love to conduct private Q&A sessions about the films for my patrons who have donated at least $50.
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