is creating original worship music & leading worship nights
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About Mountaintops

We're a worship band called Mountaintops. We're passionate about encountering God, serving the Church, and pushing creative boundaries in worship music. 

Thank you for being a patron of worship music! Patronage was the way of the past in church music, and we believe it's also the least for us. 

For the last year, Mountaintops has existed thanks to countless volunteer hours and a very generous donation from our first patron, Cody Hergott. Each dollar was squeezed as far as we could possibly squeeze it, and God blessed us much more than we imagined. Now to continue the good work, we need to raise monthly funding in order to remain sustainable. 

Your donations are helping people encounter God, and making a better creative future for the Church!

You can donate in one of three ways:
  • Monthly donations. Just like a family budget, small monthly donations make cash-flow and budget easy to manage, and most of us will never miss the monthly dollar amount, right? You'll be charged on the 1st of each month, and monthly donations can be cancelled at any time. 
  • One-time donations. This is how we got our start, and a great option for those wanting to make a larger one-time donation. And we promise, we'll match it with a way cool reward similar to the monthly patron rewards!
  • Fund a song or worship night! This is a fun, one-time option that allows you to fund the recording of a new Mountaintops song, or help us throw an epic worship night. If you want to fund a song, we'll let you help pick which one from our demos (awesome, right?!?) Or if you want to help plan a worship night, we'll collaborate with you and churches/pastors in your city. 

Interested to know what fixed costs are actually involved in a worship ministry? Here's how it breaks down for our first monthly goal:
  • Recording costs: ~$5,000/yr. For this amount we can crank out 5+ songs a year. We comparison-shopped pretty hardcore. For a full day in the studio, top-level production, and 20+ hours of editing/mixing/mastering...this is a great deal. 
  • Music release costs: ~$2,500/yr. Video production, artwork, physical and digital distribution costs, etc. Making high-quality videos & artwork is extremely time-consuming, and we're strict about never cutting creative corners. It also costs money to put songs on iTunes/Spotify, and eventually have CD's/records duplicated.
  • Marketing: ~$1,150/yr. Getting the word out. Facebook, website, and various other advertising. We know there are loads of folks who would be blessed by the music (we're hearing from them all the time!), but often it takes advertising to reach them. 
  • Stipend for musician expenses: $500/month. Music can be expensive. So can gas, meals, and travel. Most of the band travels 30-60 minutes one-way for multiple rehearsals, worship nights, and sessions every month. We can't pay everyone what they're worth (yet), but we at least want to offset their personal costs.
  • Administrative costs: ~$1,000/yr. Administrating copyright, creating social media posts, communicating with musicians/churches/artists/producers, building and editing web content, planning out music-release strategy, etc. Again, we can't pay people actual wages yet, but we at least want to say "thanks" for the countless hours of leg-work it takes to run a band/ministry.

$201 of $1,275 per month
If we reach $1,275/month, we can cover our current expenses for recording, marketing, and live worship nights.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts