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About Little Boy King

In November 2016 I was looking to self-publish a children's picture book called "Looking for Happiness". I took a course on self-publishing and the instructor told me that his best book was done in ten days. From writing, to artwork, to publishing and up for sale. Ten days. That gave me an idea. In order to learn the self-publishing process before I finished my ACTUAL children's book, I decided to publish another story, that I would write, draw and publish in ten days.

It just so happened to all be taking place right around the 2016 USA election so for fun I sat down with a coffee and wrote up a little something on the election that children might like to read. I didn't end up publishing in ten days, it took me twelve, but I was quite happy with the result. And then I was gobsmacked at the ACTUAL result, of the election, and realized my book might have a longer shelf life than I'd thought. Or even a shelf life at all! 

Time passed, tensions ran high, and my father has been hassling me to re-release the book but for real. I didn't want to release it as it was. I thought it deserved some updated artwork. And so here it now is! I have another one written: The Little Boy King Who Cried Wolf Blitzer, but my wife says it's a waste of time and that I should focus on more traditional children's books. And I will, I will... but I'm kind of digging this style! Political cartoon meets children's book. 

For the kid in every adult... that doesn't like to read much. 

Anyway, enjoy!
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