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Large Potato supporters get to demand a a yearly Classic or Crapstick review of any two movies that they want, regardless of actual "classic" or "crapstick" stature.  They also get to request a Small Fries review every year of their choosing.

And yes, we're aware that paying 5 dollars per month for our nonsense means that this is what we call the "Generous And Pity-Giving Family Member" option.




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About Movies and Potatoes

Welcome to Movies and Potatoes Patreon!  Thank you so much for being such a supportive fan of our shenaniganizing.  All of our videos are available to watch on Youtube and

We make informative and comedic video essays/reviews of any kind of movies; classics, comic books, kids flicks from the 90's that don't hold up as well as we remembered, etc.  Our reviews range from two-person long-ass discussions like Video Views or Classic or Crapstick (where we have to pick between a great classic film and a trashy piece of crud to watch and review), as well as solo person Movie Lists and Hot Potatoes, and then just video reviews ranging from 10 minute Small Fries videos or 2 min entries in our Top 130 Greatest Films Ever series.

As you can probably tell from our videos, we're broke as shit filmmakers that just do this as a hobby in our living rooms with no crew or real equipment.  Any kind of financial support you can give would mean more videos, more frequently posted, and better quality schtuff. 

Not to mention we don't want to censor or screw around with the clips and audio of the movies we review, so no matter how many Youtube views we get, we'll never be able to make a financial return from that site.  Therefore, donations are important in order to keep up that level of pseudo-quality.
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If we reach $100/month we will be able to upload videos much more frequently and start buying nicer equipment to give our videos a more polished look and sound.
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