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Hi! I am one of the creative minds behind the award-winning web series Heroes of the North, which is about Canadian superheroes.

I say one of the creative minds because while I do lots of things on the show, I could not do something of this magnitude all alone.

What I make is an award-winning web series and comic books about Canadian superheroes. We tell part of the story through the episodes and part through a series of various medias: comic books (mainly) but also novellas, a novel, tech sheets and photo books. We have shot our first Season already and are in the midst of producing the second Season. 

That being said, I do a lot of things on the show: I am the executive producer, producer, director, casting director, cameraman, writer (on some episodes and comics), editor (both of the shows and the comic books), visual effects supervisor, lead compositor, sometimes music creator and when needed, probably the only director in history to do cameos as a human torch... Don't believe me, watch this episode... I am the scientist on fire at the end.  I have done this on almost all my films, so you know I am committed!

I did all these jobs and more in our first Season, currently available to view online on our site and on several video channels including YouTube, Koldcast, Daily Motion, etc.  I forgot to mention, I am also the Web Master.

This show is my full time job and I love it.

To help finance the production, we created our own line of toys, comic books, novels and so on!  We offer some of them as rewards for some contributions here on Patreon.  Shipping is included in the pricing.  We obviously send it to you only once.  But it is nice to have something physical to remind you of your contribution, isn't it?  Also these will change over time as we create and design new products.

As you probably know, it costs a TON of money to make an award-winning superheroes web series and the comic books that complement it, especially since we are adamant about paying artists, crew and performers a living wage. And so far, for the first Season of 20 episodes, it was all coming out of my pockets, which makes it hard to be consistent.

This is what I hope to change with YOUR help!

For the sake of simplicity, I have decided to use Patreon mainly to help us finance the production of our comics while I will try other forms of crowdfunding to help finance the episodes in and of themselves since they are a more complex endeavour that the comics and not easily delivered on a monthly basis.  However, that does not mean that you will not be privy to teasers, trailers and some other exclusive materials when they are ready! It is all part of the same (very complex) project as far as I am concerned!

Our goal is to release at least a 2 pages mini-comic per month.  For longer stories, it will simply mean that we will complete two pages a month until we reach the number of pages of the story, be it four, six, eight, twelve or twenty four.  These numbers are not arbitrary.  These are the number of pages our stories tend to run.  Once we have enough pages, say 120 or more, those stories get compiled in a trade paperback that will be shipped to every Patreon that contributed 10$ or more per month for at least 6 months.

P.S.: U.S. AND International Patrons welcome.  I'm Canadian, we don't discriminate!  :-)

For more information about the show, feel free to visit Heroes of the North!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts