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My name is Mikey Neumann. I make a show called Movies with Mikey. My friend Teara shoots a show called Deep Dive, also on FilmJoy! It's hard doing Youtube full time. Every bit helps! 

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Pleased Donut Tier
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Like a  donut that just leaves you really satisfied, on the Pleased Donut Tier you will have access to episodes of Movies with Mikey and Deep Dive before they are live to the public (generally days ahead of time.) We will also love you forever, so that's worth some consideration! 
Includes Discord rewards
Fancy Taco Tier
per month
Like the FANCIEST of tacos, you get an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of Movies with Mikey with monthly live editing streams. You will also become an Executive Producer of Deep Dive and have your name in the credits of every episode. You will also see what is in the "Dive Box" and be able to vote on the movies the Deep Divers have to watch! 
Includes Discord rewards
King Pretzel Tier
per month
The most regal of kings that are pretzels, including all previous rewards, your name will now go into the credits of every episode of Movie with Mikey, as long as you choose to be a Patron. All tiers named after junk food because, obviously. 
Includes Discord rewards

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