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Tap into my sketches and WIPs that I don't post anywhere else, personal updates, probably some dog pics, and have my deepest thanks!

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Get a look behind the scenes!  This tier will give you access to design notes, process GIFs, and art tips and resources - and be ready for an e-hug because it makes me so happy to share this stuff!

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About Mowen

Ever since I was a kid I've been in love with fantasy worlds. I love whimsical characters, creatures, and settings that bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with wonder. 

At the moment I am focused on doing designs and commission work regularly and sustainably. My dream would be to eventually build a world around my character designs, but I want to focus on first making more designs and doing more commissions to hone my craft. I would love to hear my patron's thoughts on what designs, concepts, or commissions are the most fun or interesting - so I can grow into a better designer and artist! 

I appreciate any and all patronage, no matter what support level! It makes me so so happy just to know people care about my work and want to support me. <3

My gallery can be found here:
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With this many supporters I'd like to get you guys even more involved with my work! My Patrons will get to vote on what kind of designs I'll be making each month! I'll make at least one design a month based on the Patreon poll results.
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