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About Melvin Coleman

Well, I always wanted to do something creative/artistic, something I could create with my own two hands. Problem was, I was all thumbs when it came to being creative. For some reason, that side of my brain didn’t want to play with me.

After being in the field of Management Information Systems (MIS) for many many years, I decided it was time to do something different. I wanted to share what was inside me like all the other people with artistic talent. I wanted people to see how I saw the world too. So I picked up the one tool I knew, had, and trusted… my camera.

Not really knowing what or how I wanted to photograph things. I decided to let my feet do the walking, my eyes do the looking and my index finger the pressing. This method of thinking led me down some interesting roads. But most surprising of all, it showed me things about myself that I never knew or understood. 

There was always a nervousness about me when it came to shooting people. The fact that I had to ask for their permission to photograph them petrified me. Plus I always felt as if I was intruding upon their privacy and I would have to explain why I wanted to photograph them. “Oh just because you’re there” doesn’t seem quite promising.

So I started photographing buildings. I didn’t need their permission (except when security came out and wanted to know what I was doing). They always stood still, and they even blushed from time to time when the sun hit them in the right spot.

But most exhilarating was the freedom I felt and still feel behind my camera. If I set the settings wrong and the picture didn’t come out right, I just change them and shoot again and again. I could shoot until I got it just the way I wanted it. I was in control. No one knew when I made a mistake.

I would spend all day downtown shooting pictures. I set a goal about 100 images a day. After shooting them I would rush home to download them onto my computer. I would study them for hours and hours, the lighting the angels, the settings on the camera, the steadiness of my hands. I even looked to see if there was something in the frame that I didn’t see when I was setting up the shot.

I would play little games with myself. I was a photographer out on assignment covering an event. And I only got one chance to get the perfect shot, no do-overs. All of these things taught me how to take a better picture and become a better photographer/Artist.

After my confidence had increased a little, I realized I wanted and needed to start taking pictures of people and events if I ever wanted to up my game. After all, a picture of “City Hall” never made it on the cover of “People Magazine”.

To show you how the universe works; I was introduced to a program at the mayors’ office by my brother (thank you, Dana). It provided press passes for freelance photographers/journalist to cover event being sponsored by the city or any of its agencies. This was the perfect opportunity, so I marched down to city hall paid my little fee and I was a member of the Mayor’s press brigade.

This was free press for the city, a great way for community newspapers to get information on what was happening in the city and keep their communities informed. It also allowed me the opportunity to get into some private events, not city government related as well. It truly was a win-win for me. All you have to do is “ASK and you will RECEIVE”.
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Once I reach this goal I will start adding a documentary every month of some very interesting people. 
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