Mika Peltomaa

is creating Game coding tutorials / Asset for Unity 3D / 3D Models
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About Mika Peltomaa

I'm game developer, web developer and working closely with brainwaves, meditation and personal development

I have several game projects going on and I decided to share some side products and other material while I am on my journey to publish games. I recently started to write small tutorials on my homepage with your support I am going to publish bigger articles and tutorials on game development.

I got lots of good feedback on my previous tutorials and works, so I believe my coming tutorials will help many starting Unity 3D indies out there.

While worked over 25 years on several commercial projects I have learned how to keep things simple and efficient, thats one important rule what I will honor on my tutorials. Simple, easy to understand, get results fast.

Why I am here?
I want to learn and share, as a game developer learning never ends and I have always shared what I’ve learned so being patron gives me great opprtunity to share what I’ve learned on my journey.

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