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Get an email update once a month, get a physical item (we might ask you to pay cost) once per year (after three months.)  The email lets you know what we are working on, what physical good are available, entities you to provide monthly feedback on items such as project priority, and will variously include other digital assets not already published elsewhere.  Exceptional value, starting at let us know if you haven't got a $1 per month and we'll figure it out.
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As above plus we cover all costs for your physical item.

Not every product we help create will necessarily be available, for example if another producer we're partnering with handles the manufacturing of a particular edition of a DVD, we might not end up with any.  That said, our aim is to have some around of each different physical product we create, and we usually do a pretty good job of that.
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In addition to the monthly email and annual physical product rewards described above, we'll send you a monthly production sample (usually a digital item, like a video), invite you occasionally to meetings or other events, and loop you in for project team communications.   The production samples will start out drawing from our library of concert and interview shoots, for example showing a complete interview where the target project may plan to use only a few choice interactions. As projects promoted by our patrons move into production, we'll shift emphasis to giving more complete "assistant director's cut" views into what is going into creating those, for example un-shrinkwrapped sample editions, early cuts of posters, and stuff like this.




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The Third Person Abstract

Corwin is a software engineer, Dee is a teacher.  Together, they make stuff, like movies and concerts and songs and essays and poetry and inventions and five children.  Recently, they worked to reunite the band Cats Laughing and produce a concert video and two disk album, raising over $20,000 and delivering more than 1000 disks, as well as t-shirts, digital downloads and other fun things.
The First Person Appeal

We're both employed and we manage a somewhat complex household and social matrix. That means we have some amounts of means, leisure time, and random bits from which to create stuff, but lots of other draws on all that, as well.   
Meanwhile, there are any number of plots we are trying to push forward.  (Do the thing!) And lots of types of things.
There are little projects, usually of particular interest to one or both of us which usually get done, posted, shared and learned from rapidly.  Conversely, there are mammoth hugenesses, ideas where we've been meeting with sizable groups over years, already, and still amn't ready for prime-time.  These might need money or talent or time, or might be moving along just fine and just not be ready yet, to do the thing.

The Pivot to Second Person

1) Nudge, Nudge  (Any amount.) You want a thing.  Every month.  By email.  Get a monthly thing, by email.  It should have downloads, something to read, some baby pics. You might use the feedback form ("No, But Seriously This") at the bottom of each month's email and contribute a ranked-choice style vote or "Write In" a project to help us focus.  What the heck, you also get a physical item per year at cost + shipping and, if applicable, tax.  (This assumes we'll have some physical things on hand, which we probably will but might not. We'll put a some hints about current inventory into each email, so you can keep tabs.)

2) Do The Thing ($5, or more)  In addition to the email stuff, above, we'll send you a physical something each year.  If we know you well, assume it will be a meaningful choice, and there’s lots of stuff here.  Maybe less than annually, if shipping to you costs a fortune.

3) More Better Things ($17, or more) In addition to the email and physical goods, above, we'll send you a special digital goodie, once per month.  (We might send physical stuff instead somtimes.) Our hope is to share with this group fuller and rawer stuff -uncut interviews, and so on- from which portions may be included in our projects. To start with, we'll be drawing from our backlog of hundreds of hours of local music, interviews with members of the local Science Fiction and Fantasy fandoms, and other goodies from things already in our pipeline.  Or something like facetime to close the distance, because as much as we would love more worldly adventures, we just have not been able to come visit you, though hopefully that will creep into our mission (Dee’s trying so hard).  As time goes on, this will be the first glance into the projects you voted up, respond to the monthly emails!

4) All The Things ($30, or more) You wanted to give a little more.  For you we plan to set aside one each of each physical item we create and download code we generate throughout the year.  This may not include -or may include only a discount or like item for- items created in partnership with other producers. To the extent possible, we'll try to get you one of everything.  This is addition to the email rewards from other levels.  Not really sure what else to say.  We're blushing.  Thank you.  
The Fine Print

Initially, you will need to be a supporter for three months before requesting physical things for the first time.  Be also be aware that it will take us that very first first three months to ready the shipping software and processes we developed for the Cats Laughing reunion project for ongoing use.  The downloadable world we were able to peer into through that project was also very exciting (wasn’t that just so cool?) and we hope to develop more of that capacity for future projects.  Counting on platforms such as youtube and Facebook feels like it excludes some folks we know, and doing it personally strokes that inventive button we seek to tap.
The Close

Our aims in raising money are three fold:
  • Self-finance addition small projects and things that may currently be outside what we can attempt out of pocket, concert films for local acts, micro-budget documentaries, creative works with some amount of production to them.
  • Feed the tech, especially our multi-homed networked RAID NAS servers, Micro Four-Thirds cameras, lenses, et. al., and other networking, hardware and software tools such as to beef-up our mobile live-streaming capabilities.
  • Pay people, including creative, technical and administrative, yes, but especially outside professional services.  For example, we were invited to participate in a program that can provide us with free legal services, just what we need help with for some of our cleverer plans; sadly, we can't afford the application fee.   We plan to start turning your contributions into other people's labor quickly, bringing in help right away for accounting, shipping and inventory management, and general publications support.
Thanks for your help supporting, sharing and/or encouraging us to create this campaign and for all of the pats on the back that keep us creating stuff and sharing it.

Yet You Keep Talking

Dee is responsible for most of our in-house product designs (packaging, posters, the art on the disc, ...) and does quite a bit in our production and post-production, especially for developing video projects.  She is a working musician, playing with her partner Kerri Joy, their act SisterTree is a regular feature of local festivals, pubs, and activist Winona LaDuke’s Honor The Earth campaign.  By day, she works with students and families of a nearby public school, primarily supporting the family outreach and engagement program, she reached tenure earlier in her career teaching Spanish and English in the classroom environment.  She earned her BA from Hamline University and her Master of Arts in Education two years later.  She has been with her present district about fifteen years.

Corwin does the dull or technical bits, like wiring cameras and whatnot together for a livestream or stitching a bunch of sources into a single something, easier to chisel a scene from in post.  He’s also good at planning complex projects, drawing from his more than 20 years of experience as a software engineer and technology solutions architect.  He currently works days for a Fortune 500 financial services firm, mostly on building websites.  He’s also hosting a daily current events and discussion program on Facebook Live, that will complete it’s 100 episode course November 9th, 2016.

Although we don’t come out and name names here, we have many accomplices, partners, friends, and relations, many of whom form regular features of our project teams.  Moreover, we are eager to get to know people, in the context of some new cool thing to have at, especially.  Sharing our campaign, then, is about more than helping us get our message out to a few more people who might have a few bucks and who will enjoy our work.  It’s an opportunity for our friends meet your friends, to get to know them, collaborate with them, to develop new and creative concepts that will consume uncountable hours notwithstanding having minimal budgets, duct-taped technology, high production values, and a dedicated and opinionated cohort following every move.  We are passionate learners and practitioners first and foremost, and would love friends keeping tabs to partake of and participate in our musings, developments, improved efforts, and general capacity to take on more than kids’ homeworks and chores each night.  Patreon could save our lives.  
$15 of $100 per month
Repair, restore service to, and maintain our three node multi-homed RAID network so we can start digitizing tapes and producing video again.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
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