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I am Mradul, 32 years old, and live in New Delhi, India. I have had a decent education, by most standards and I am a writer.

I have written since I was 10. Stories, poems, and opinion pieces about what I experience, learn and feel like sharing; be it people, moods, ideas, art, and more.

I think we are all living in this world seeking our own truth; who we are and how should we live. I want to explore this truth further. My truth and what I find as I travel inside and out.

I will not say that writing is for the readers. It never is. It is about a writer trying to find and say something. And create something which satisfies his or her soul. And in the process, create something that helps others find their truth.

I hope you find something of value here. If you want to say something, I am always listening.

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