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About Mr & Mrs. Ray

Hello everyone! We are the Ray family. Why Patreon you may ask?? Well, my wife has always dreamed of being a writer and I told her she could be! Currently I already have a Patreon teaching the game of Go and it does pretty well in my humble opinion. It also makes my lazy butt make more Go content. My wife is also lazy, and I am evil because I am going to MAKE her follow her dreams. Muhuhuhahahah!!

Thus! I have helped her create a Patreon page to support her writing. BUT! I will also be writing short stories here! I want to do this to support my wife in writing by writing with her. With your help, I shall turn her into a professional writer as her middle school aged self dreamed of being! Let's make this child's dream come true! By MAKING her do it! kukukukuku

Looking forward to telling you guys some awesome stories!
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