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About MrBlackDarkness666

Hello all you assholes!

So I finally decided to do some e-begging, isn't that awesome?!
I would love to create better videos and upload more frequently, but since the new ad revenue policies on youtube i'm barely scraping by.
And since my videos contains a lot of naughty words, more and more are getting demonetized which totally sucks.
That's why I'm reaching out to you guys, help keep this fat old goth stay afloat in this era of censorship and creative oppression.
All donations will go to the production of new content.
This includes stuff like better equipment, props, games to stream/lets play, lighting, new green screen clamps, opening a PO box, make up, software etc.
And to feed my puppy:

Do you want this puppy to starve to death?!

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